Mafundi on Dec 17: Sue has an admirer, and the Christmas cheer begins

This is a review of the December 17 episode of the Mafundi TV show that runs on NTV every Monday after the 7 o’clock news.

Phapha’s brother Ronado has come to visit his brother and help him with his job. However, Ronado gets confused when he sees Sue. He immediately has a crush on Sue. Problem is, Sue has heard every line in the rule book and is just listening for the sake of listening. She even finishes his sentences — not in a good way, though.

Meanwhile, Mama Kenanania gets mad when she finds Ronado trying to hit on Sue. She gives him a tongue lashing warning about “Nairobi women”.

He agrees not to pursue Sue again; but then again men lie. He continues. Sue seems to be buying into the whole thing and is smiling and laughing the whole time. Ronado mistakes it for a crush, which causes him some trouble.

Pato and The Tima seem to be filling the show with some Christmas feel. They get a client; Zilpha who last time had a thing for Phapha and then Pato.

Anyway, this time she needs help with her sink and a DVD. For some reason, Mafundi is giving a 50% off which is not going so well for Pato and The Tima. They do a horrible job trying to do the work because of little pay.

They blame Zilpha for not paying properly for the services. She has to appeal to the humans in them and gets a guy from a rehab she has been working in. She makes the two look for clothes and other stuff the rehab might need. This part for me was a bit confusing because we did not get closure on whether Pato and The Tima fixed her stuff and how the concept of Christmas is intertwined with bad work done by fundis.

Phapha, on the other hand, is mad at Ronado. Apparently, Ronado thought there was a vibe between him and Sue. He takes things too far and proposes to Sue. Surprised and annoyed, Sue leaves the place after barking at Ronado.

Phapha had booked Sue so that she helps him market his products on social media but now that she is not there; and he thinks Ronado has made her run away. This makes him chase him away from his house to go back to Mwea.

My rating

The whole episode had some good drama to it. However, I feel the show can do with a few changes. It needs to include some more romantic drama. In terms of developing the characters, we rarely know about the personal life of the characters; like what they are when they are not working at Mafundi do. Do they live in a house (with an exception of Phapha who we know lives in a 10 by 10 house?)

I also think this Ronado guy should be kept around in his role and his pursuing of Sue shouldn’t have ended with this episode. To some extent, it brought comic relief. Overall, I give the show a rating of 6/10.


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