Grace Muna: Govt-employed civil engineer who plays Vanessa on Auntie Boss


Grace Muna, who plays Vanessa on Auntie Boss, during the interview with Moonbeam Productions.

Many know Vanessa as the woman who is harassed left, right and centre by her househelps. It used to be Shiro (real name Nice Wanjeri) getting into her hair all the time and nowadays it is Njoroge (real name Johnson Chege) getting the better of her whenever he finds a chance on Auntie Boss, the sitcom that runs on NTV every Tuesday at 7.30pm. Vanessa is always a girl to pity. But the person who plays her role, Grace Njeri Muna, is not at all pitiable. She has her life put together. She recently had an interview with MOONBEAM PRODUCTIONS, the producers of Auntie Boss. Here is a transcript of a section of the interview.

Q: When did you start acting?

2011 is when I first starred on TV. 

I came for the audition by mistake (laughs). It was a complete coincidence because there were two auditions at Kenya National Theatre, which is where the shooting was taking place. I was looking for the other audition but I found Auntie Boss and I asked the producer if I could audition. And she was like, ‘Sure, you can audition.’ I didn’t know that this was where it was taking me, so it was good because it was circumstances that came together to bring me  where I am.

Q: Which other characters would you love to play on Auntie Boss?

I’d like to try out a couple of characters; maybe Varshita because she is so crazy. I’d like to see if I can hack that kind of crazy. And Silprosa also. Interesting selection, because of the eating.

Grace Muna aka Vanessa at a scene when Shiro (Nice Wanjeri) was still part of the Auntie Boss cast.

Q: What developments do you see in your character as Vanessa?

I see myself getting married again, and having another baby probably; maybe against my will. It will probably come out as a mistake because of the way Vanessa is, but it will probably happen. 

Grace Muna aka Vanessa at a scene on Auntie Boss.

Q: Is the character different from Grace?

Yes, she is. She’s angry all the time; Grace is not. Grace is a happy person. I’m so jovial; I’m so alive most of the time (laughs), if you get what I mean. But, there are some places where she is more or less similar to Grace. One, she loves her job. Grace loves her job. And Vanessa doesn’t like children; Grace loves children.

But there are small similarities here and there but we are two different people. I would say the similarities are like 10 percent.

Q: What else do you do besides acting?

When I’m not acting, I’m usually at my full-time job, which is engineer. I am a civil engineer by study, profession, all those things. I build roads, basically. I’m part of a State corporation that builds roads. The balance for me is quite spectacular because I’ve tried either/or and I found it to be very plain. But when they are together, they are two different fields but, for me, that’s the perfect package.

Q: What is your normal weekend like?

I love to sleep. I love spending time with myself. That’s what I do on a lazy Sunday. Because of my busy schedule, you’ll rarely find me out and about doing things that will require more of my energy. So, you’ll find me mostly relaxed on a normal day.

Grace Muna aka Vanessa at a scene on Auntie Boss.

Q: Message to Vanessa’s fans?

Thank you so much for supporting Auntie Boss. You are the ones who keep in me in Auntie Boss, if you don’t know. And I am so grateful for you guys being fans because we are not Auntie Boss without our fans. 

Grace Muna aka Vanessa (centre) at a scene alongside Johnson “Fish” Chege aka Njoroge (left) and Kyle.

Please follow this link to watch Grace Muna’s full interview.


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  1. I love everything about Grace Muna, everything you do in the drama is really exciting, I can’t stop laughing when shiro harrasses you OMG!! I love everybody in your drama


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