My Two Wives on Dec 17: Dama needs money too!

This is a recap of the December 17 episode of My Two Wives, the drama that runs on KTN every Monday from 8-9pm.


I don’t know when Damaris agreed to be considered a househelp and not a co-wife in the Zach household but that’s how things are. 

But there’s a problem. Neither Zach nor his first wife Toni are giving Damaris money. Her efforts to ask for it hit a brick wall.

Now, Damaris is friends with one slippery girl called Purity, whose name is a stark contrast with her mannerisms. 

Purity is a bad influence. She makes Dama take alcohol so she can have a little more spine in pushing for what she wants at the Zach household. In one incident of drunken stupour, she munches pretty much all the chicken that Toni has prepared for Zach.

Purity even hooks her up with a guy in the neighbourhood.

Then things spiral out of control and Purity and Dama are in a supermarket, shoplifting items.

Meanwhile at the Zach household, Toni is worried that house chores aren’t being done. She wants a new househelp, despite Zach’s protests. 

Toni is the domineering woman who can’t let her husband be. She doesn’t want him to take calls, even from his boss, before they are done conducting interviews in pursuit of a new househelp. 

Zach sleeps through most of the interviews, but one “slay queen” piques his interest, and it’s funny how she describes the death of her former boss, a white man who died of a heart attack and she says it was a “happy death”. It needs no Einstein to tell that this is a wife snatcher. Toni doesn’t like her. 

Zach also doesn’t like a certain man who comes at the interview, who Toni seems attracted to. So, who will they hire?

Back to Dama and Purity. It is real hell for them in the supermarket as the manager wants Sh60,000 to make up for the shoplifting.

It reaches level where Dama has to go against her fears and call Zach. He comes to the supermarket with Damaris and bails them out. That begins the discussion on Dama’s finances. 

My rating

This is what 10/10 shows look like. Superb acting, humour spread evenly, a plot neither too complex nor too predictable, and all the oomph. 10/10.


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