Aziza on Dec 19: It’s Camilla’s turn

This is a critique of the December 19 episode of Aziza, a show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Bella is not so happy with Camilla due to the fact that she is dating Alpha. She is so livid she calls a family meeting and tells her mum what she saw at the hotel. Thing is, Bella’s mum does not care. Sphe cares about vengeance. When they fight Bella’s mum makes it clear that things are going to go Camilla’s way and that Bella needs to get used to it. Bella is trying to make sure the plan goes her way but it is a hard task since her chance at revenge just went with the wind.  

Meanwhile, Mosi is making friends with Lilly a great deal. When Lilly and Lisa find Mosi sad on the dinner table she is interested to know what happened. Apparently Malkia Fay does not want Mosi cooking because Swahili food will “kill” her family. I mean you have to love the way Malkia Fay thinks and her feud with Mosi which is slowly brewing. Meanwhile Lilly gives her the “How to handle Malkia Fay” hand book which includes not talking about her dead husband (Ronnie). Lilly is so caring she does not know the devil in Mosi or if she is she is just tolerating it.

Aziza is back at work; Malkia Fay made her go back to work even when the mourning period has not reached the end. She has trouble to get her smile on and Alpha as the saving soul tries to make sure that she does the best to put out the best work. She also runs into Zane who is staring at her pictures and asks what is wrong. They have the usual ex animated conversations where you ask if someone is okay and the other says yes and your ex asks about your current lover to remind you that you are not together no more.

Bobo and Binti are slowly getting used to the fact they are the only ones living in the ghetto. Well not Bobo; Bobo is just okay and happy. Binti on the other hand is sad and depressed she messed up everything; her relationship with Aziza and she made a bad decision to side with Mosi who now lives in a mansion and she is still struggling.

My rating

For the second week running, I just don’t feel the vibe of the show and the usual drama. The thought of Mosi living in a mansion and her ambition being reached does not give me anything to look forward to watching the show. She has got what she wants. Camilla’s plan is coming into action but it seems to be taking a while before we know what actually happens. I give this week’s episode a 7.5/10


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