My Two Wives on Dec 24: Everyone for themselves, Zach for them all


This is a critique of My Two Wives, a drama series that runs on KTN every Monday at 8-9pm.

The script writer of today’s episode had a deep message to pass across; that taking shortcuts to success will always lead to ruin. But the way the message came out was powerful.

Everyone who has been watching the programme knows Purity, the conniving househelp who happens to be Damaris’ confidante.

Purity somehow convinces Damaris that if they start a salon in Zach’s house, she will bid poverty farewell.

And so, they start a salon. And somehow it becomes a hit with customers, who bring top dollar.

Problem is, they are running the salon behind the back of Zach and his first wife Toni.

When Toni busts them operating the salon business and, as expected, she raises hell. But Purity being the manipulative person she is, she manages to convince Toni to support the idea.

In no time, Toni is moving to register the salon. She wants Zach to help in that but somehow she lands on his friend Martin.

On hearing the plan, Martin sees an opportunity to pursue his own interests.

It soon turns out to be a case of interests. Toni has the business registered in her name, disregarding Purity and Damaris, the originators of the idea.

Martin also wants money from the deal by all means possible, regardless of whether that involves bringing an unfit lawyer to oversee the registration of the salon.

Purity is so cross about Toni’s move to name the salon after herself that she threatens a boycott, but her hardline stance weathers down when a customer arrives.

Tragedy hits when they burn the customer’s scalp in the name of relaxing her hair. The customer is not impressed one bit.

That incident seems to draw the attention of the local authority and soon, four people are under arrest: Toni, Damaris, Martin ans and Purity.

Zach, who has all this while been kept in the dark over the deal, is informed by a panicking Martin.

Zach manages to secure their release by paying their fines but the lesson is well imparted.

My rating

It is become increasingly clear that the writer of My Two Wives does not believe in art for art’s sake. They want entertainment that imparts lessons and that is a big departure from most dramas in Kenya. So, the episode gets a 9/10 from me.


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