Suddenly, KTN has four TV stations on air

A page in the Standard newspaper of December 28, 2018 showing programme line-ups for the various KTN stations.


It started with KTN, then KTN News, and now thereis a total of four TV stations under the Kenya Television Network umbrella.

From the Mombasa-Road based Standard Group, now we have KTN Burudani TV and KTN Farmers TV on top of KTN News and KTN Home.

Burudani TV, as per its programme line-up, focuses more on local entertainment products and the Kenya Premier League matches. Kiswahili programmes are given prominence.

Farmers’ TV, on the other hand, is more niche-oriented, packed with mostly documentaries.

Will KTN dictate a shift in the market like it did with KTN News? Only time will tell. The station became a household name soon after its launch, forcing other TV stations to dedicate segments for live broadcasts. That was before its patron, seasoned editor Joe Ageyo, moved to Citizen TV.

KTN’s move to launch TV stations in hitherto-unserved segments may well bear fruit. By its programming, Burudani TV is so much like QTV, the station that Nation Media Group ran for a while before pulling it of air in mid-2016 because it was not making profits.


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