The TV ads that defined 2018


Anyone with a child will tell you how TV commercials tend to appeal to kids who often have no idea what is being advertised.

The year 2018 was characterised by numerous good TV ads. I will rate them as per how they appealed to me personally.

1. Mawowowo

This has to be the winner, if the responses it received were anything to go by.

We have seen videos from parents whose children could not help climbing on tables to re-enact the advert.

Google search interest in the term “mawowowo” spiked from April and was relatively high throughout the year.

The man who came up with the idea is former Tahidi High actor Abel.

In a video shared by Njugush, he explained how the advert came together.

Abel Mutua said the task before him was to explain that Ilara fresh milk contains vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, in a way that a six-year-old could understand. (Read his narration here.)

2. Sta-Soft Refill

This is the commercial that has a young boy explaining the five benefits of buying the tubs for refilling Sta-Soft rather than buying a new container each time of purchase.

Parents say the advert has been drawing the attention of their children. It appears there is something that is aroused in kids when they see a fellow child presenting before them.

Wish to watch the Sta-Soft ad? Click here.

3. Modern Coast

It appears that song and dance are the hallmark of good commercials. The advert from Modern Coast, titled Life is a Journey, was adjudged the best during the 2018 Kalasha Awards.

You can watch it here and see for yourself why it’s been billed highly.

4. Sun Top

What can go wrong with an advert for drinking juice that features wild animals? Absolutely nothing, apparently. The commercial has been a hit with many households. Watch it here to see why.

There are also a number of ads that did well including those from Betin, Faiba 4G, Safaricom and the rest.

There are also those that sparked controversy.

1. Trust condoms

Why Trust were allowed to advertise their products on prime time is a question many are still asking. Parents all over the country kept posting their unsettling experiences with kids who kept asking what is Trust classic and the likes.

2. “Pinch, Place, Roll” campaign

Just like the Trust ad, this advert on how to properly wear a condom caused many uncomfortable moments in households


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