Lenana Kariba replaces Kone Nouhoum on ‘Selina’ show


Kone Nouhoum (left) and Lenana Kariba.

In a rare occurrence on TV, actor Lenana Kariba, who broke into the national limelight through his role as Lionel in Auntie Boss the sitcom, will replace Kone Nouhoum in TV series Selina to play Reagan.

Selina is a blockbuster story running on Maisha Magic East (carried on DStv and GOtv).

In September 2018, Kone — one of the lead actors in Selina — was involved in an accident that left him paralysed. He hasn’t fully recovered and the makers of the programme have headhunted Kariba for the role.

[Update: February 28, 2019: Kone has died. He was making good recovery, a family source said, that he was going back to hospital to have breathing pipes removed. Then all of a sudden, his situation deteriorated and he died. He was buried in accordance with Muslim rites]

It would appear that that role belongs to a handsome man. Because, heck, one will note that it is almost a like-for-like replacement.

Lenana Kariba’s Facebook profile photo as at January 2019.

Selina makers said in an advertisement on Maisha Magic East that the replacement was due to unavoidable circumstances.


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