Mafundi on Dec 31: Resolutions were made to be broken, or is it bent?

It is New Year and Mafundi finally has its first end-of-year party. They throw a party and talk about the year. Sadly the producers did not go for the angle where people end up regretting what they did at End Year parties and how HR (or in this case Kigo the office manager) comes back to haunt you.

Everyone in Mafundi decides to make New Year resolutions well except Sauda who thinks it’s a waste of time. Kigo decides to eat healthy and lose some weight; Pato decides to speak plain English or Swahili; The Tima decides he is going to be a vegan for a whole year; Sue decides to stop using her phone too much and only use it for one hour a day; Phapha on the other hand promises to be more firm with his wife.

Sauda makes this interesting by saying anyone who reneges on their resolution will have to pay a fine of 1000 Kenyan shillings. On the first things thicken; Sue uses her phone for 58 minutes and gives to Kigo, Kigo starts exercising and The Tima has his cabbages and carrots for breakfast. Phapha on the other hand tries to treat his wife without any respect and as you would say “anajaribu kumkalia”.

Obviously Phapha is the first person to fall off the wagon of resolutions. His wife walks into a conversation between Sauda, Sue and Phapha with Phapha trying to lie how he beat his wife into submission. He describes how he slapped her three times. His wife gives him a tongue lashing lecture and gives Kigo food (Chips and Goat meat, Kigo’s instestines would not have forgiven him if he passed the opportunity).

Kigo tries not to eat the food he was given by Mama Kenania (Phapha’s wife). He keeps it in his office and goes away. Meanwhile The Tima is missing meat like hell and walks into Kigo’s office and eats some of the goat meat and chips and their secret is also known by Sauda leaving Sue and Pato in the ring to fight out for the cash price.

Sue tries to get Phapha to get Pato to drop his guard and Pato uses The Tima to make sure Sue uses her phone. They get each to do that but Sue for some reason runs away with the money because Kigo realizes it late.

My rating

It is a good show to start the year. I give the show a rating of 6.5/10. They opted to go with something a lot of people end up doing. Though it resonates with many, it would have been good if they did something different. I hope this year the characters will develop and the next seasons are a bit different and the characters evolve a bit more.   


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