Jan 2’s Aziza: Chiku is being taught how to keep a man

Getrude Mwita who plays Chiku on the Aziza show. COURTESY

This is a review of the Aziza show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news. This review is on the January 2, 2019 episode.

Malkia Fay cancelled the charity event. Lilly is so angry she marches into Alpha’s office and starts talking and ranting about Fay. Alpha tries to calm her down but it is not going to work.

Meanwhile, Chiku is not so happy with her mother turning the place upside down and in the process upsetting Fay. Mosi is trying to looking out for Chiku but Chiku does not want her help. She tries to put it out there but her mother forces her to sit down and listen on how to keep her man and her marriage interesting.  Chiku has managed not to woo over Zane all this time.

Alpha’s crush is yet to be known by everyone but Lilly thinks she has it all figured out. She thinks it’s Aziza. Who could blame her? Everyone thinks Alpha wanted Aziza for a romantic relationship but, turns out, he wanted her to grow his own career. He even tells Camilla (his girlfriend) that his aunt thinks something is up but she does not know her.

Camilla, on the other hand, is determined to have Bella out of the picture. She drugs her sister and tries to disguise it as a truce. She stage-manages it perfectly and you might think Camilla has had a stroke. She tells her how she loves her and Bella lets down her guard. She drinks her juice without knowing it is spiked.

Meanwhile, it looks like Camilla’s plan is finally going to be executed because Malkia Fay had a flashback about Shoka. They talk about their work and how it seems Malkia Fay was interested in him. Bella’s mum has a flashback about an argument they had about Fay. The whole scene is a bit confusing, though, because we do not know who was having a flashback.

My rating

The show was not so interesting. It didn’t impress me. The script writer is still trying to find a good narrative after the whole wedding fiasco, the botched honeymoon and Chacha’s death. The show was a bit slow. I give it a rating of 7.5/10. But I’ll have to admit that Binti and Bobo’s nascent romance was the highlight of the show. The way Binti was dressed down by Bobo provided some form of entertainment.


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