Fans react after ‘My Two Wives’ is moved to Wednesday, given 30 minutes

When My Two Wives announced on a tweet that they had moved to Wednesday at 7.30pm, fans were quick with reactions.

The show ran for the first time at its new slot this week and a number of fans were not impressed with the change.

One fan, Caroline Musyoka pointed out how it conflicted with Citizen TV’s Aziza runtime and how she would be forced to stop watching the show

“I’ve been following #aziza so I’m forced to stop watching #mytwowives.”

Another fan, Matteo Gooner, was quick to talk about the short time the show had been allocated. He believes it should be accorded a full hour as it had been before.

“The time allocated for this awesome series is too little. We need a full hour like before.” – Matteo Gooner

Another fan, Fred Ngosia appealed to the show’s producers to ask for more time.

 “Negotiate with @KTNKenya to move it back to Monday or even Tuesday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm…30 minutes is unacceptable #MyTwoWives @EddypgEddy

KTN’s management seems to have spooked a hornets’ nest after they changed the start time of My Two Wives

The bottom line is that fans are clearly not happy with the whole change and it will take some time before fans are used to the adjustment.


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