Aziza on Jan 9: Bobo is insecure; Lisa is playing dangerous games

A screengrab of Sanaipei Tande playing her role as Aziza in the ‘Aziza’ TV show.

This is a review of the Aziza series that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news. This review pertains to the January 9, 2019 episode.

Lisa is playing her cards really dangerously on this episode. Instead of making everyone believe that she still does not know Swahili she decided to let Chiku in on her little secret which in turn puts her in danger. Thing is Chiku wants to keep her “marriage” to Zane intact and she needs to know that her secret with Alpha is safe but turns out it is not.

Zane on the other hand is not feeling Chiku’s vibe at all and Mosi is not helping the situation either. Mosi seeks to use some traditional help to make sure that Chiku’s marriage remains strong.

Chiku applies some perfume her mother had given her. Zane does not even give her any affection forcing Chiku to cry the whole night. When her mother tries to figure what went wrong, Zane listens to the whole conversation and seems to be putting some pieces together, though we do not know what will happen.

Meanwhile, Camilla is busy making moves on Alpha. On this episode, she lies to her mother and Bella that she is going to a high school reunion but the truth is she is going to a charity event by Malkia Fay’s company. She is dressed to kill and truth be told you might think that she is falling for Alpha for real and not for revenge. Who knows, maybe Alpha really does have a way with women.

Bobo, on the other hand, is still his old stubborn and insecure self. When Dizo comes to Aziza’s place, he thinks he is trying to steal her away from him and even tries to make him go away before Aziza arrives. They end up threatening each other with a fight and Aziza has to intervene to stop it and clear up that Dizo is just a friend and that nothing is going on between them.

Mosi is going to sell her house. She told Chiku this and she (Chiku) is not so happy with that decision. Mosi has, however, found a buyer for the house and it seems she is going to beat Aziza and her mother to the game.

My rating  

I think the show deserved a rating of 8.5/10. The storyline seems stagnant on some front. The pace needs to be accelerated. Eventually, the show has to pick up and change the narrative here and there, and a welcome move is Zane listening in on the conversation between Chiku and her mother.    


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