Daily Nation has never been headed by a woman. Until yesterday

Mrs Pamela Makotsi-Sittoni. COURTESY


The new editors’ team announced on Tuesday by Nation Media Group had one interesting feature: a woman will be in charge of the Daily Nation newspaper, being responsible for the production of the Nation newspaper from Monday to Friday every week.

Since the Nation newspaper entered the market in 1960, the daily edition has never been headed by a woman.

Now, in changes that will take effect on January 14, 2019, the person in charge of the paper will be Pamela Makotsi-Sittoni, taking over from Mutuma Mathiu who was recently promoted to be the head of the company’s editorial products, both print and TV.

Pamela’s appointment has warmed hearts of some observers. An example is this tweet by Ory Okolloh Mwangi.

Congratulations @
for your appointment as Executive Editor of @
…continue blazing the trail and look forward to seeing more women rise up the editorial ranks.

Before being appointed to head the Daily Nation, Pamela was in charge of the EastAfrican newspaper, a weekly publication that covers issues affecting the region.

She is a woman of many firsts, and in 2017 she was recognised at the Women in News Editorial Leadership Awards at a ceremony held in Paris.
She was named the 2017 laureate for sub-Saharan Africa.

Pamela at the Women in News summit 2017. COURTESY

While accepting the award, the words she spoke suggested that she has climbed the ladder with diligence.

“This award is a strong confirmation that the world is taking notice of the important contribution that women leaders in the media houses are making to the development of their countries, regions and the world,” she said. I am confident that it will inspire other women journalists, particularly the young ones, to aim for the top through diligence,” she said in Paris.

She will take charge of the Daily Nation in her 26th year of working with Nation Media Group.


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