Mafundi on Jan 14: The Tima and Sauda are ‘engaged’ but…

This is a review of the January 14, 2019 episode of Mafundi, the comedy show that runs on NTV every Monday after the 7pm news.

It is January — or is Njaanuary? — for the whole Mafundi crew. It is going to be a long ride for everyone at the company.

The Tima is at pains on how to find money for his rent and he gets Sauda to get into a fake engagement so that his mother gives him money for dowry.

Sau does not disappoint. She dresses up for the whole thing. In fact, she gives Sue a run for her money. She is well dressed in a white and black print dress, some sunglasses and a hat to impress The Tima’s mother and so that they get money and share it 50-50.

They try to pass off as a loving couple and they try to impress everyone. Pato tries to make things interesting by getting both to dance to a song. But he has to leave once he hears Kigo and Phapha shouting for help.

Meanwhile Kigo stumbles on some tender in a newspaper and almost suffers a heart attack and calls Pato and Phapha in pain.

Phapha tries to pass it off as something normal but Pato comes in and is very worried about the whole thing and does some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Phapha, in his very funny fashion, calls it kissing. They do everything to make sure that the pain has subsided. When it does, he makes Pato go and get a laptop so that they can quickly apply for that tender.

The Tima’s mother comes in and they have a chat about his son getting married. She asks the tough questions to both of them. Tough because it is hard to lie.

She asks where they met, what she (Sauda) does and where she lives. When she says Majengo, she disapproves quickly and even points to Sue saying she is so much better than this new lady.

She realises it is all a scam to milk money from her since The Tima’s dad has refused to pay his rent. She is livid about this and gets both of them to admit it.

Just when she is about to leave, Phapha, The Tima and Kigo walk in with the laptop because they did not figure how to write a good tender proposal. The things Phapha wrote — oh Jesus!  

The Tima tries to plead with his mother to lend him some cash but she is not going to, and instead lends Sue. When she leaves, Kigo tries to walk everyone through the tender but Sauda realises it is last year’s paper.

My rating

It was a good show; very mild with the storyline this time. I’ll give the show a rating of 6.5/10. It was interesting but not that interesting. The story line on “Njaanuary” is well aced but so many shows have tested the concept and I think I would give them a rating on 6.5/10 for this concept. It was indifferent, yes, and dared to explore what people can do to get money.


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