Camilla’s plan is slowly coming into place on Jan 16’s Aziza show

This is a review of the Aziza telenovela that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday at 7.30pm. This review is about the January 16, 2019 episode.

Mosi has decided to move the entire village to Malkia Fay’s home. When she goes back to see her place before she sells it, Binti sees her and immediately goes to her. She tries to talk to her about selling her house but Mosi is so tight lipped about the whole thing. When she (Binti) talks about Chiku it is like she stirred a hornet’s nest.  Mosi rumbles on and on about how she is living the high life at Malkia Fay’s place. She asks about Binti’s job and tells her that she should join them at the Fay’s Residence. Binti does not even think twice.

Meanwhile Camilla’s evil master plan and its eventual reveal is slowly coming together. We can now say she is slowly inching in on the target. Camilla has warmed her way through Malkia Fay’s family, first Alpha and now Malkia Fay. Let me explain how this happened.

Aziza got cold feet during her performance. She has been acting up of late by the way. Anyway she tries singing but there are no words coming out of her mouth. Camilla seizes the opportunity and starts singing a song that impresses everyone. Thing is she messed with Aziza’s head first by reminding her of her father passing and his disapproval of her career and boy did it work.

When the performance ends she gets a standing ovation and Malkia Fay promises to give her something when she comes to her office. Camilla leaves the place smiling a huge smile of achievement. She know she has aced it on this one.

Meanwhile Bella is busy feeling sorry for herself and how she could not achieve anything. She confronts her mother about this. Bella’s mother is just quiet and tells her it is not her fault. However when she says she feels like she is an unwanted child she comforts her in the most bizarre way. She tells her that she is just weak like her father and that Malkia Fay needs someone who is as reckless and heartless as Camilla.

My rating

The show this week deserves a 9/10. The story lines were cutting edge and progressive. Finally the show is shaping up slowly by slowly. The way Camilla’s grand master plan is coming up the suspense is really worth it and rewarding. However the show seems to be undermining Lisa’s character when she might be the puzzle that brings the house down at the end.


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