January 21: The Mafundi crew should have considered doing away with the show’s intro

Mafundi this week opened with a silent act. It was not that interesting.

Pato and The Tima are dancing, Phapha tries to get a pencil but Phapha, Sue and The Tima refuse to give him the pencil.

When he snatches the pencil, Sue snatches it back. I don’t think the whole thing made sense and it seemed to be just something to fill in the time.

Kigo is at it again (this guy is always trouble; I don’t know how many times I can say this).

This time he “forgot” to get business permits for his business. This comes in the wake of a crackdown by the county government on businesses without any permit. Kigo quickly devises a way to make sure that they are not going to be caught.

When the county government officer comes in, he finds a church service being ran by The Tima who has a Nigerian accent and Pato with his well practiced Jamaican accent. The whole scene is damn funny, The Tima prays for Sue to get a husband and help her avoid using too much social media.

They sell the idea so well even Phapha’s slip up when he gives wrong bible facts go unnoticed by anyone and the official is even blessed at the end of the sermon.

When he leaves they shut down the business to strategize on their next move but even before they make any meaningful step the guy is back and he realizes something is amiss. He decides he is going to interview each of them one by one. Sue, The Tima and Pato go in and everything goes on so smoothly. They manage to keep their accents and stories together. When it comes to Phapha it became a huge screw up for the whole team.

He tells them everything from Kigo being the boss to everyone’s job at Mafundi Limited. Kigo is immediately arrested and Pato almost beats up Phapha but is stopped with the government official. Sue and The Tima go to bail out Kigo and we now know Sue’s real name it is Purity Jessica Wang’ombe. The Tima is not letting this go and he laughs the entire time.

My rating

The whole show was good but not that good. I’d give it a rating of 6.5/10. It was a good show and this season is breaking away from the clients’ stories.

However, they need to focus on building the first part of the show it is normally not even related with the story. The show is scripted a comedy show and should try and look at ways they can make it funny without using accents only but the story lines need to be so off the hook that they will not be so hard to get and follow.

There should also be some investment in character relationships. We know that Sue and The Tima are friends but we rarely know what happens in Kigo and Pato’s lives.


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