Aziza’s Jan 23 show was all about introducing new love affairs

It was all love on this week’s Aziza. Things are turning out to be more twisted and complicated than I thought. We will look at the love affairs in details and how they are slowly brewing:

  1. Chiku and Zane

I thought the producers were going to keep the always tense relationship between Chiku and Zane. Turns out, things are going to change; either Zane is planning something or is truly falling in love with Chiku.

In one scene, they come from the charity event. Zane comes home and serves himself food and starts eating. He asks Chiku why she’s not eating and she explains she is tired and loses appetite quickly. He compliments her mother’s food and tries to feed her but since she is tired she cannot eat. Chiku is so surprised and wonders if her mother had spiked the food or bewitched the guy.

They have an argument on whether Chiku really loves Zane. Instead of Zane storming out he apologizes and even tells her that they do not need to argue about it. They make up and sleep on the same bed together.

2. Bobo and Aziza

Meanwhile Aziza is finding Bobo more and more attractive by the day. Bobo is literally doing everything to endear himself to her. This time he makes breakfast some tea and some accompaniments. He tells her that he cares for her and that he loves her since they were kids.

She returns the favor and even smiles at him every time he speaks and the two literally have a vibes that is slowly growing and is something that is very important to watch out since Binti is literally gunning for Bobo also.

3. Camilla and Alpha

Things are really heating up as Camilla seeks revenge for her dad. She might be slowly falling for Alpha too after all you attract your kind and those two were practically made for each other. This week she talked about to him to her mother and she had a certain glow not a revenge glow but a love glow. Seems Alpha’s kind and charming manner is making Camilla get carried away into this mix.  

My rating

I give this week’s show a glowing 9/10. The show is finally getting some of its storylines moving and gong to some direction. Things are slowly turning and the producers are really using a love angle to make this happen. It was an impressive show this week.


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