And now, ‘Ms President’ show comes to KTN Home to ‘hype’ women leadership


KTN Home is introducing a concept borrowed from a top-rated show in Palestine to run a programme which will end when Kenya has a female “president”.

Ms President, a reality TV show involving 70 female contestants, will premiere on the screens tonight (January 30) and will run every Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm.

The first episode will be aired after a grand launch at Kenya Cultural Centre. Among the top shots who will attend is Kenya Film Commission’s acting CEO Timothy Owase.

A story in The Standard, a newspaper from the same company that owns KTN, says that the show will involve taking contestants through a series of tasks and challenges, where the contestants will display their leadership abilities.

“It is an entertaining, educating and thought-provoking reality TV series that will be a platform used to portray to a national audience the capacity and ability of women to lead effectively,” said the article in the January 30 edition of The Standard.

Ahead of the show, Standard Group ran advertisements asking for women aged between 21 and 70 to apply. The application window was between June 5 and August 10, 2017.

“A total of 949 applications were received from the 47 counties before a two-step shortlisting process began,” said The Standard.

Given that it has been a show with a huge following in Palestine, KTN Home believes it has got an absorbing show to serve its viewers every Wednesday.

“Ratings have shown that one million Palestinian households — roughly half the population — tuned in to watch the series,” the newspaper article said.

It added that Ms President will run for 26 episodes, where contestants will be eliminated until a winner is found.

“In the end, through viewers’ votes and a jury decision, one contestant will emerge the Ms President,” the article indicated.

However, there is no prize set for the winning individual at the moment.

“However, discussions are ongoing with various institutions with a view to finding suitable ‘ambassadorial roles’ for the winner and 12 finalists,” stated the Standard.

Kenya Film Commission, however, said in a statement to media houses on Wednesday that there will be a surprise prize for the winner.

“The TV series… will act as a platform to portray to a national audience the capacity and ability of women to lead effectively,” said the statement.

Ms President will be yet another reality show on KTN Home after I Can Sing that runs on Fridays.


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