We finally know what Malkia Fay did; but will the revenge match what she did on Jan 30’s Aziza?

Aziza actresses Camilla and Bella.

We finally get why Bella’s mum really wants revenge on Malkia Fay. One of the final pieces of the puzzle was put together in the January 30 episode of Aziza.

Let me explain. Malkia Fay wanted to have an affair with Bella’s dad but he did not want it to happen. Malkia Fay got really mad after the turn down and sets him up for stealing money from the company.

Meanwhile, Camilla is on a mission to destroy her sister’s mental capacity. She wants to have her insane and the pills seem to be working. Bella is unsuspecting though she just thinks she is just too stressed about something but it seems it is not just stress. She goes to her room and has an episode where she throws a fete in her room and hits her head a couple of times and talks about the fact that her sister seems to be the one who is winning and asks herself why she is not like her.

Mosi is also doing some planning she seems to want to stay at her “new posh palace”. So turns out last week she put something in Zane’s food no wander he seems so nice and good to Chiku. Any way things are getting thicker for both of them since Mosi has to prove that Binti can do a good job and Chiku has to prove that her marriage can work.

As that happens, Malkia Fay is causing trouble. She is not impressed by the way the event was planned. She wants to play a bigger role in Lilly and Alpha’s plans and wants to get everything they are planning on. She also wants Aziza to step up or leave the company. Lilly gets mad and calls Aziza and tells her to up her game or leave the company.

Things are not going Aziza’s way this week. After she gets rimmed by Lilly about her job; Bobo calls after finding out that her mother wants to sell the house. She breaks down and Zane sends her home to go and take a break. Things get out of hand when Malkia Fay learns about this and decides to replace Aziza with Camilla.

My rating

I like the new twist. We thought that Aziza has finally reached the pinnacle but, turns out, you can fall from that pinnacle. I give the show a rating of 8.5/10. I think Malkia Fay playing the role of a tough boss but remembering what she did puts her front and centre on this story. She, however, does not seem to be bothered about it because she is doing her job.


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