Timothy Owase appointed new KFC CEO

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) board has today confirmed Timothy Owase as the new commission CEO. The former KFC head of marketing and product development will add this as a feather in his cap that points at an illustrious career.

Announcing Mr Owase’s appointment, KFC chairman Chris Foot wished him luck.

Mr Owase joined the commission in July 2008 as the marketing and communications manager. He was then transferred to head Festivals, Markets and Industry development in 2014 and in March 2018 became the commission’s acting CEO.

His appointment comes at a time when the film industry is diversifying not just to be a film market for foreign films but to offer optimal conditions for a rising local industry is.  It is also at a time when there appears to be friction between KFC and KFCB, something Ezekiel Mutua seems to be ready to crush.

Through his Twitter account, Dr Mutua who heads the Kenya Film and Classification Board was quick to praise Mr Owase, also expressing enthusiasm to work with him.

Which leaves the question: will KFCB and KFC now bury the hatchet and try to work towards improving the film industry in the country?  


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