Mafundis’ love triangles manifested in the February 4 episode

The Mafundi cast.

This is a review of the February 4, 2019 episode of Mafundi, the comedy show that runs on NTV every Monday from 7.30pm.

Love is in the air and Mafundi guys are entangled in some love triangles here and there. Obviously, you want to know who I am talking about; so I am not going to waste any of your time.

So, Pato has finally got a date with Zilpha after what seemed like weeks and weeks of waiting. The producers have been brewing this romance in a secret manner but you know crushes are like the sun and the sun is shining on Pato. Well, for now.

Meanwhile, Kigo and Phapha are going halfsies on a flower selling business. They order some flowers from Pasua Boilo (the guy who sells eggs). He brings in white roses instead of red roses. Phapha and Kigo get so mad that they get Pasua Boilo to come back.

What gets me is the way Phapha managed to make the roses are red poem turn into a funny Kenyan saying, “Roses are red, violets are blue nitakupiga kofi na nikueke kwa coffin”.

The whole scene is funny but still Pasua Boilo won’t take them back because he made them sign an agreement stating they cannot take back the roses.  

The Tima and Sue try to make Pato a little bit presentable for his date with Zilpha. However, the two seem to be brewing something between them. The Tima tried to kiss Sue and things went down south for the guy.

I pity him. Sue seems interested but, oh well, he came out too strong. However, that does not stop them from helping Pato. They teach him etiquette and disinfect his toes. You have to wonder how they managed to hold still of Pato as they did that. At the end he comes out looking sharp and they give him tips on how to text Zilpha.

Kigo and Phapha use ammonia or as Phapha would put it “susu” (urine) to turn the roses to a red colour. The whole thing, however, backfires as the smell is going to turn pungent one.

They try to get rid of the smell but it does not work and they leave the flowers out there. Zilpha smells them and faints. The Tima and Sue stumble on her in the shop and start screaming. Pato, on the other hand, is mad at the two and wonders what they did but she wakes up.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 8/10. I am impressed on the character development; at least we can see some interactions and some playing around with the characters. I also liked the story line. It was not so openly a Valentine’s one but it brought out the love theme so well and nicely. I want the interactions kept even after the Valentine’s fever ends.   


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