Will Aziza win against her mother in their house feud?

This is a review of the February 6, 2019 episode of Aziza, a drama series that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Malkia Fay is not mincing her words about replacing Aziza on the show. This begs the question what will happen to Aziza? Will she share the spotlight with Camilla? What will happen to her music career which we are not sure what has happened to. On the other hand Camilla has been offered a job to be a model at the company and she is not wasting a chance. She has been waiting for this chance and now she has gotten it and she is not wasting it obviously.

Meanwhile, things are getting heated between Bella and Camilla. The whole thing is getting so twisted, apparently Camilla is giving Bella her mother’s meds and they are making Bella a bit mad. Well not mad but she has been having very bad hallucinations about her father. When her mother comes to her door to find out whether she is okay she opens the door and thinks it’s her father at the door. It is going to be doing a lot.

Aziza on the other hand is trying to make sure she salvages as much as possible from her father’s property. She ties herself to the door and is not going to leave. Bobo however convinces her to do something else and not fight Mosi with her strength but with her brains. This gets Aziza to go and get a lawyer who will help her think things through. The lawyer however is exorbitant in his fees and is not helping that much as he points out that her mother is entitled to get everything in the event her husband dies. However he points out that they can stop the sale as she did not involve every party in the sale.

Chiku, on the other hand, is going to lengths to keep her secret. She feigns pain after seeing Lisa being pressured by her mother to tell her what happened between her (Lisa) and Alpha. This ends the conversation to end and Lilly goes to help her and she gets Zane and Mosi to help out. Zane is back to his old self though and he makes things so hard that he storms out after arguing with Lilly about taking care of his wife.

My rating

I liked this show this week I give the show a rating of 9.5/10. I liked the high pitch the show took this week. It was very high-energy, high-drama. What won me over was the fact that Zane is back to his old self, which is not helping the story line or whatever producers are trying to do. I also think he needs to get away from Aziza for a while to see how they will explore other angles.


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