Feb 13’s Aziza: Bella’s dad is alive; what’s next?

This is a review of the February 13 episode of Aziza, the drama that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Turns out we did not see this coming. Choka (Bella’s dad) is back. For a couple of seconds as I watched the show I was shaken.

The whole thing throws a spanner in the works. Choka was “killed” and only appeared in spirit form on the show before this revelation. It begs the question will Camilla still be kept on as the main antagonist of the Malkia Fay family or will that role be given to Choka.

You know you are wondering how the hell the guy is alive. Simple: He faked his own death in collusion with his lawyer and escaped from the morgue. His wife teared up at the whole thing and asked why she was left out the whole plan.

We know why. She would have messed the whole thing. It is just a couple of weeks before we find out what really will happen but I am dying to find out what transpires .

Meanwhile, Chiku and Alpha are in a lot of trouble they are not so sure what will happen because of what I am calling “the Lisa factor”. Here is the thing Lisa knows Chiku’s and Alpha secret but it has been hard for Alpha to get a way to silence her for good.

Chiku walks into Alpha’s room and threatens him with a bad time if he does not fix things with Lisa. Thing is Chiku and Alpha are still dependant on each other. The whole thing is just complex and so far so good they have managed to hide it but for how long.

Bobo is going all his way to make sure that Aziza is happy and that includes confronting Mosi. He tries to get Aziza to eat but to no avail. He gets mad and goes to confront Mosi and to let her sell Aziza’s dad’s house. He confronts Mosi and tells her not to sell the land but she has already found someone to buy it. Things get so heated that Mosi slaps Bobo and threatens to make it even worse for him if he does not stop.

My rating

The new plot twist makes me give the show a 10/10 rating this week. It threw everyone aback and it made thing so interesting. The plot twist of (Choka being alive) makes it worth watching after we had lost hope on how the show was working on its story line at some point.


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