Toni throws out Dama but Makamba is gone

This is a critique of the February 13, 2019 episode of My Two Wives, the programme that runs on KTN Home every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Mr Makamba does not have friends or foes. He is the kind of guy who would play a villain with the devil and still kill the devil. He has turned against Purity and Dama. Remember last week how things backfired on Toni, Purity and Dama? Things are not so good for the entire female cast of My Two Wives this week. I loved the fact that the male characters took a back seat and the women given a chance to dominate the whole show.

Speaking of men, can someone explain how the hell Makamba had ropes for all the people he was taking in? He literally needs to be called “Rope Man”. His pockets just seemed to get ropes every single damn time. Talk of a prepared thief and I will give you Makamba.

Purity saved the day this week she managed to get Makamba to untie her and make him pilau. Men and food, right? the stories some people would tell. Any way at first I think the whole thing was just something Purity would do without causing any trouble but once Makamba finished his meal and washed down with the juice the guy was fast asleep. They call the police and Makamba is arrested.

Makamba should come back for his money but then again he needs to be slapped who accepts a hostage to cook him food. Let’s face it this was the most hilarious hostage situation on television. The way Purity was called Dama and Monique in and making them be taken as hostages unsuspectingly was just too funny. And the fact that Purity managed to pull a fast one on Makamba was another hilarious part.

Once the hostage situation dies down things are not so good for Damaris or as we call her “Dhania”. Toni has it in her mind to banish her to oblivion. She kicks her out together with Purity and Monique. Monique takes her in and puts her up in her place. The next day she wakes up to find the house reorganized and the whole thing makes her mad but not as mad as the fact that she buys plastics and “vitambas”.

The whole thing makes her return her to Toni. Toni laughs after hearing what she did and reminisces about the first time Dama did the same thing. Monique threatens her with their little secret (Toni still takes Dama’s allowance).

My rating

 The whole thing was witty and hilarious. I give the show a rating of 10/10. It was punctuated with the right kind of humour and it also did not miss the point. I like the show as it gave women a chance to shine with little use of a lot of male characters. Makamba still stood out.


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