Plan B: A love story that is absolutely relatable

Plan B: a love story that was absolutely relatable

The premiere of one of Kenya’s first big movie productions, Plan B, is out and it is awesome. It came out on the night of February 14 with its official media partner NTV running it. It then premiered on YouTube the following day.

The movie stars Sarah Hassan who plays Lisa Waweru — a stylist who has been in a one-year relationship with Ethan (Lenana Kariba).

Ethan decides to leave her after he gets a chance to work in France. He points out how they have not been going on so well and how the relationship turned cold.

Lisa goes out and has a pity party drinking spree and meets a nice guy at the bar who turns out to be a very rich Nigerian man. They have a one-night stand and things go from bad to worse after Lisa becomes pregnant.  

Her best friend Joyce (Catherine Kamau-Karanja) comforts her and then one day as she styles a client she sees the picture of the guy who is her baby daddy, Dele Cocker. Turns out he runs a tech firm (cliché a bit by the way) in Nairobi. She confronts him after Joyce insists and he sends her away twice. The third time Joyce acts as Lisa’s lawyer.

They demand a paternity test and if the baby is his, he has to pay $10000 and $5,000 upkeep. They agree to the terms and they go for the paternity test. Dele invites Lisa for a lunch date and it ends up being one of those nice romantic first dates. They talk about a round of things and they talk for hours and he takes her out to a nice place where they enjoy some good Kenyan music.  She walks out and goes even before they dance.

Meanwhile, the results of the test come out and Dele is the father of the baby. He is mad because they have not talked since their “meet up”. They go on with their lives but Lisa tells Joyce that he might like him but Joyce tells her that she has to let it play out. The next day Dele calls her and tells her that she wants to be part of the baby’s life and she agrees to it. He even cooks lunch for her, and they have another awesome moment.

Just when we thought things were going on well, Ethan comes back to ask if he and Lisa can get back together. At the same time, the office receptionist leaks the story to blogs and it becomes a huge story and it spells a death knell on Lisa and Dele’s cordial relationship. She then has to move to Nakuru with her grandmother. The two seem to enjoy some peace away from each other but Dele decides to make a move and makes Joyce drive him up to Nakuru. Dele explains everything and makes his plea to him. They make up and instead of a settlement deal they decide to date each other.

My rating

I love the show. Couple of things, though. There were a bit of cliché parts here and there especially the dates. I loved Catherine’s act. It was absolutely hilarious and I just could not help but laugh when she was on screen.

The show’s use of very local music also made me happy. The music was absolutely fantastic. The story line was also very off-the-hook; though they could have explored some story lines some more, for example finding out the receptionist leaked the story was just too obvious for me.  I am giving the movie a rating of 8.5/10.


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