Aziza season 5 episode 10: Mosi’s husband is alive!

This is a summary and critique of the February 20, 2019 episode of Aziza, the show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Bella is slowly going mad and sicker by the day. Her condition seemed better last week but this week things have taken a dip. She is running away from her mother and always paranoid about something. When her sister comes with a butter knife from the kitchen, she freaks out and runs out of the room.

When her mum asks Camilla what is wrong she tells her that it is just stress from not finding a job and promises to talk to her. This episode and Bella’s character speaks a lot into the importance of mental health and the place it has in society. Her character has the power to create a conversation.

Meanwhile Camilla and Alpha are having trouble in paradise. Things are going on so well, Camilla tells Alpha how she feels and he the same and they are all over each other and happy. Things turn a quick turn when they are in bed and she leaves early and Alpha takes it badly and asks why she does not want to be seen with him. The feud is exposed in public when she calls for a break in the middle of a shoot and tries to argue with Alpha. The show ends without us knowing what really happened.

Chiku makes breakfast for her husband and like the “romantic woman” she is, she takes it to his bed. He refuses to eat because he has to run to the office and he is late. She takes the opportunity to argue with him. It is always set those two will always argue about anything. This hostility has become too much it is making the story line so predictable. He leaves her off and she bursts into tears (classic Chiku) and leaves off.

Meanwhile, Bobo and Aziza look into ways to make Mosi not sell her dad’s house. They look for a smoking gun but to no avail and they decide to just leave it but a turn out is there is a smoking gun that has been hiding for close to two decades. Turns out Mosi is married to another man. This is how the cookie crumbles for Mosi I mean who could have seen this coming? This means there is a stronger case and his introduction to the show means there is a long game.

My rating

This week’s show was good. The whole thing is just shaping up, starting from last week’s surprise that Choka is alive. The fact that Mosi’s husband is alive makes me give the show a rating of 10/10 this week.


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