My Two Wives’ Feb 20 edition was “too safe”

This is a review of the February 20, 2019 episode of My Two Wives, a show that runs on KTN Home every Wednesday from 7.30pm. This was the first episode of the programme’s fourth season.

Zack is moving to a new place. Conspicuously missing from the whole thing was Toni. The whole thing was covered by “he (Zack) was going to get her”. They set up but something weird happens. Dama offers Martin to join in on supper but he refuses and instead goes out. Zack is immediately suspicious about the whole thing and asks Dama if she thought something was up and she just played it off.

Turn’s out Martin is dating someone. I know Martin is not the dating type but he is seriously and it’s been happening for the last 3 months. Martin would keep a secret for a while for you if you want to because he hid it from Zack all this while.  Zack is intrigued and invites him and her over for a bit of a chit chat.

Meanwhile Dama is dealing with a crazy neighbor. On the first night he invited himself over for dinner and insulted Dama’s cooking skills and then leaves. Get this after the insults he still comes back to the house and borrows a microwave from Dama. Dama caves (she always does if you ask things nicely) and he takes the microwave. On asking for it back he gives so many stories and he comes to the house and asks to talk to Zack and talk to her about it.

Martin and Teresa or as Zack would call her Terry arrive at the place. Shock on us Terry is twice Martin’s age. Nevertheless Zack does not say anything and asks how they met and what she does. (She is a CEO at a big firm). They talk about a lot of things until when Willis the disturbing neighbor walks in and accidentally calls Terry, Martin’s mother. They have an altercation that makes Zack and Martin throwing him out of the house. Zack points out that it is the truth and tells Martin to reconsider his decision but Martin does the opposite and proposes only for Teresa to turn him down.

My rating

I give this week’s episode a rating of 7.5/10. It was a bit slow. The episode did not have a wow factor this week the story line was just too safe and it did not push any buttons this week. The whole thing lacked a bit of energy this week. However I still think it was worth watching, though not as much as other episodes.  


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