Phapha’s marriage is on the line on Feb 25’s Mafundi

This is a review of the February 25, 2019 episode of the Mafundi show that runs on NTV every Monday from 7.30pm. This was the 31st episode of Mafundi’s season three.

Phapha’s marriage was a big part of this week’s Mafundi. The episode starts with Phapha and Mama Kenania (his wife) talking about things that are needed in the house. She keeps on asking for money and the final straw for Phapha comes when she asks for Sh2,500 for a dress for Women’s Day. He tells her to back off and she pours his breakfast. When he tries to establish a pecking order in his house and he calls himself a “lion” but his wife reminds him that “cows eat lions”

When he gets to the office he starts a monologue and talks to his “wife” badly. He spirals into a fit and his hammer slips from his hand to hit him on his foot. He writhes in pain until Pato, Sue and The Tima walk in and start making fun of him. Sue tries to help him but when she learns he was only hit with a hammer stands up and clicks.

Pato and The Tima take him to the clinic and then home. The health worker comes with them and offers to help but then there is an impediment to that help. Phapha’s wife, she is so jealous of any woman touching “her man”. She kicks Pato and The Tima out then the health worker in that order and tells them not to show up at her house ever again.

The worker goes to Mafundi’s office and tells them that they should really help Phapha. Sue and Sauda go back to his home and wash his clothes for him. Meanwhile Mama Kenania is not having it with Phapha’s bad foot she does not take care of him at all. She tries to feed him but ends up just force feeding him and at some point gets mad. She packs her bags and leaves Phapha in house alone.

The health worker comes back to Phapha’s home to help him. Sauda and Sue evade getting into the house and when the health worker goes in they start singing Nearer to Thee, meaning she is in deep trouble. When she walks in she finds Mama Kenania leaving with her bag packed. She takes care of Phapha and tells him that she will take him to the office so that she can teach his colleagues. They reach the office and find Pato and The Tima counting money that they had made from doing Phapha’s work but Sue reduces the amount to only Sh200.

My rating  

 The show deserves a 6/10, riveting story line but the show has some underlying issues if it has to get to a perfect 10 (our highest rating for this show has been 8.5/10). The show needs more funding for shooting at some point I felt like I was watching a theatre play because Phapha was not given a broomstick as a walking stick. The entrance to his (Phapha’s) house is a major story problem, how the health worker walked in and the same place Mama Kenania left is baffling.

The show’s concepts and story lines also need to be improved. The whole concept has to be explained at the end instead of having it having to be self explanatory which makes it a bit boring and a drag.


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