Is Zane warming up to Chiku?

This is a review of the February 27, 2018 episode of Aziza, the show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday from 7.30pm.

Mosi’s husband (whom we can now comfortably call Rashid) is not going anywhere. He gets Bobo to take her to the Malkia Fay’s house and when he gets there he is shocked. He gets to the house and they talk with Lisa but since he doesn’t know any English when she says “yes” he says “no”. Mosi runs down to see him but Chiku has already gotten to the door.

Mosi tries to make him look like the bad guy but Chiku has none of it and tries to make peace with his husband. The fight ends as soon as it ends and Chiku gets him into the house. She convinces Zane to have her back with her dad’s issue and he agrees to back her.

Meanwhile Aziza does not seem to be feeling Bobo anymore. When he comes with news that Mosi’s husband is alive she does not give it so much thought and leaves telling him not to talk to her about Mosi or her husband ever again.

At the residence of Malkia Fay the dinner was the most silent and awkward dinners in a while. Well until things exploded and Malkia Fay starts asking Rashid who he is. Then when Binti walks in Malkia Fay’s temper takes a higher octave chasing her out of her house. However before she could say anything more regarding Chiku’s family Zane comes to his wife’s rescue and defends his wife. This makes Fay so mad she leaves the dinner table in anger. Once they get to the bedroom Zane apologizes to Chiku for the numerous times he has hurt her. He tells her that he will support her and that things will be different.

For Alpha however things are not really working out that well. They have set boundaries with Camilla and when he calls at night she is mad at him. She tells him that he needs some space once in a while and for him to stop calling every time.

My rating

10/10; that’s what I’m going to start with this week. And it is because of the following reasons. The show has managed to keep its “realness” alive. The twists in the plot continue to surprise me and other viewers. People do not really know what will come next and the “drags” are no longer there, making it a very nice show. The pace is set but they can do much better.


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