My Two Wives on Feb 27: It was never meant to be between Martin and Terry

This is a review of Season 4 episode 2 of My Two Wives, a show that runs on KTN Home every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news.

Terry explains that she does not really want to get married to Martin. This is because she thinks that maybe there is a point that Zach has made regarding him. She stands and leaves. Martin throws a whole fit at Zach for all the things that he did and when Zach wants to be the one to resolve issues he tells him shame on you and leaves.

Zach on the other hand realises that his microwave is missing. He calls Dama but a few seconds into calling her, Willy knocks and he gives him back the microwave. They talk a little bit and they start bonding and then Willy pounces he borrows a suit from him for a “job interview”.

Zach lends it to him. When he goes in to use the microwave he realizes that it is not his and the microwave is not working. He tells Dama to make sure that he has given back his suit and microwave by that day.

Martin is depressed and throws a fit at a restaurant resulting in Zack being called by an attendant there. Once he gets there and tries to find out whether he is drinking and Martin makes him feel guiltier by throwing in the fact that he does not drink during week day and how he never listens to his stories.  He walks out and goes to have a meeting with Terry who does not want anything to do with Martin.

In the meantime, Dama realizes that Willy is a huge scam artist who even faked where he lived. Zach gets mad when this is revealed and when he tries to storm out he finds Martin at his door and a few minutes Terry walks in. Zach would play a really nice match maker. They talk and resolve their issues only for Willy to walk in and mess everything. He makes Zach and Martin violent prompting Terry to leave the house. When Martin follows her and finds out that things were really not meant to work out.

My rating

It seems like no one in My Two Wives is supposed to get any love. It was Dama and now Martin. Only Zach seems to be having it “easy” with finding love in the series. I give this week’s show a rating of 8.5/10. It was smart and fun. I also have a question for the producers: Where the hell are Toni and Monique?


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