Why we are returning Media Watch

In September we premiered a new segment called Media Watch with the main aim of discussing the big issues that matter and how the media covered it. However we pulled it down to rethink the strategy and how we would like it to be framed. We also wanted to give it some more weight other than just commentating on the things that happened alone but also look at issues that are missing that are important.

As a step we are not just going to analyze the media and how they covered it. We are also going to look into the angles that are being presented. This time we won’t just look into the big story only we are also going to focus on some shows and how they brought about national conversations on various issues.

In addition to this we will try and bring in some expert opinion once in a while to help you; the reader understand why the story was big and why it is necessary for you to be worried, happy, excited or plain angry. It is the beginning of a new Media Watch and we would like you to feel at home and tell us what you want to read.

As we continue celebrating women and the strides they have made in the industry I would personally like to congratulate the women who are in the media industry. In fact I would like to single out one journalist who made most of our week and that is Gayle King for her stellar interview with R Kelly this week.  As R Kelly edged out and lost his cool Gayle remained calm, objective and did not flinch from asking the tough questions.

After the interview in an interview with the New York Times, Gayle pointed out that she did not want to stand because if she did then it would mean that the interview is over. The media has come under fire for not being able to ask the tough questions and imbalanced coverage when it came to sexual harassment. For me this week proved otherwise. It was not a matter of he said she said it was plain and simple evaluation of facts.

Back at home I’d like to celebrate our women journalists too for also putting up a great fight. We would like to celebrate every lady who is an editor, News anchor, reporter, columnist, producers and every piece that comes together to create the final product you read or watch or listen to on your radio. We celebrate you.


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