Look before you sign: Apt message from March 11’s Mafundi

This is a review of the Mafundi show that airs on NTV every Monday from 7.30pm to 8pm. This was the 34th episode of Mafundi’s Season 3 .

This week’s Mafundi kicked off with Pato showing off his girl tuning skills and, boy is he good. Not “good” good; it was hilarious how he painted the picture; telling them how you get on one knee, tell her that she is the love of your life and how he is not going to leave her then propose. The Tima acts like she is the girl and even sheds a tear to show how Pato’s “vibes” are working then all of a sudden a lady from the Mafundi Papo Hapo App walks in.

The team at Mafundi has found an app developer who helps them bring customers closer to them. They get too excited about the pitch made that they decide to sign with Mafundi Papo Hapo and they immediately get clients. They go out and do most work than they have ever gotten in a day and start wondering about Sue’s input in the company and mull firing her twice. They are sure that their work is obsolete.

Meawhile Phapha has reunited with an old friend Ali who is an old friend who had to go back to Tanzania. They start talking and Phapha realizes that Ali has never settled the issue with Immigration Department and he invites him back to the office. He leaves her with Sue who in turn has to get rid of him because the Immigration police come looking for immigrants. He gets too cozy at his place and makes it his home and starts helping out Phapha’s house. The two get along which is rare of Mama Kenania.

Phapha, The Tima and Pato realize that it is a mistake to have signed with Papo Hapo. They have been duped and are resulted to being paid 5% of the work that they do. This makes them earn less than when Sue was in charge of the marketing and customer search. They go back to Sue who is not going to take tehm back with open arms and they are going to have to wash her clothes and house.

My rating

I think the show was alright this week. It deserves a rating of 7.5/10. It is getting better to watch. They can work the angle of Papo Hapo suing for breach of contract to show some aspects of contract law. They can also enhance Sue’s position to more administrative and her making the company take a better position in the market. It is time Mafundi expanded even if it is just a little bit.


One thought on “Look before you sign: Apt message from March 11’s Mafundi

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