Aziza and Mosi have a showdown in March 13’s Aziza

This is a review of Aziza, the series that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news. This is DAVID MWENDA’S review of the March 13, 2019 episode.

Choka is finding it hard to keep it down even after warnings from his lawyer.

He goes to see his wife again at their place, only for Bella to walk in, which makes him hide. Kudos to how he disappears. (I wish I could do that, by the way.)

Bella thinks her mum is seeing someone but she cannot say that out loud.

Meanwhile, Rashid (Chiku’s dad) is still looking for ways to extend his stay in Fay’s house. Mosi comes in and tries to get him to leave the house by manipulating him and then threatening him but it does not work.

They end up fighting and Chiku walks in to find them in a compromising position and asks if they are trying to blind-side her. They get back to arguing and Mosi threatens him then leaves.

Aziza, on the other hand, is turning into a beast. This time she is not using Bobo to fight her own battles but is instead goes to confront Mosi on her own.

She leaves no stone unturned and goes in head-on. She calls her out for selling her father’s house and how she is cursed. Her mother downplays it and tries to make it look like she is just hungry.

Oh come on, Mosi. How can she be hungry? She is angry, though. It brings everyone out of the house, including Malkia Fay who wants to see how things will turn out.  

Alpha intervenes and sends Aziza away. This is the first time I have seen Aziza’s character being put to good use in the past few weeks. She has been a very sombre character who seems defenseless. But this time she had teeth.

Meanwhile, Lisa has decided to play Mosi’s family against each other. She learns that Mosi has a lot of money from the sale of the house and lets it slip to Mosi that she knows Swahili. Chiku already knew, anyway. She goes to Rashid with the news and he does not take it so well and goes to confront Mosi with the news.

My rating

I liked the show and more so the way Lilly is proving to be a really powerful character. She was being underhanded but her power to the story seems so powerful. Her role will be key in bringing out the truth. I give the show a rating of 10/10.


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