Monique is in love in March 13’s My Two Wives

This DAVID MWENDA’s review of Episode 4, Season 4 of My Two Wives, a drama series that runs on KTN Home every Wednesday from 7.30pm.

Eric is back in the equation on his week’s My Two Wives. For those who do not know Eric well, a refresher: He is a blind guy that Monique met and when she found out that he is blind, she dumped him. She only went back to him after finding out that he is rich. In one of our recent reviews, I discussed how we wanted to get some closure on Eric’s case. I think the team heard us.

Monique finds him in a restaurant and they get to talking but Eric does not want to get back with her. He was left stranded in a restaurant and now she wants to come back, how? Why?

Monique tries her best to get him back, including enlisting Toni’s assistance. The two stalk Eric to know what he does and how to get him. Monique ambushes him during his morning run and he decides to test whether Monique really loves him. He makes her do a Power Point presentation about why she loves him and then he will give the next presentation.

Meanwhile, Zach is trying to make peace with Laura — the client who got him fired. Apparently, Laura had feelings for Zack but Zack — being the nice married man he is — decided he is not in the mood to get into an affair.

He hosts her for dinner to get closure as to why she said he had reported that he had sexually harassed her (the irony). She confesses her love and how she got her feelings hurt because of how he “faked” his fainting and she thought he did not love her.

Eric, on the other hand, lands at Monique’s house waiting for the Power Point presentation but instead gets a “paper presentation”. He buys into the presentation and gives the next step: Monique has to make a home-cooked meal.

This is funny because Monique cannot really cook and neither can Toni and they cannot depend on Dama because she is out in the farm helping her mother-in-law. They fry porridge.

This is actually bad as it sounds and this makes Eric mad and he storms out. In his verdict, however, Monique turns things down and decides she has some growing up to do.

Zach goes back to the office to find a police officer waiting for him. Turns out that things are not so good for him. Laura has called the police on him and accused him of sexual harassment but he has evidence that she is the one who was doing the opposite actually.  

Zach gets his job back and Laura is arrested for her wrongdoings.

My rating

I liked this week’s episode and I give it a 10/10. The drama was topnotch; the show is slowly dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I think I also liked Laura’s acting. She needs to come back on more episodes — even if it’ll take five months like the way it took Eric. Keep it up!


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