Fans excited as Real Househelps moves to NTV


The Real Househelps of Kawangware has been off screen since late 2018, and just when fans were about to give up on ever watching the humorous series again, news emerged that the show will now air on NTV, not KTN where is has been airing since its inception.

KTN Home axed Real Househelps last year and replaced its slot with My Two Wives.

The makers of Real Househelps must have gone shopping for a new home of the show and NTV took them in.

The Buzz magazine of March 31, 2019 quoted NTV’s head of production Justus Tharao saying acquisition of Real Househelps was in line with the station’s tradition of being the home of local comedy.

DJ Shiti, one of the most conspicuous faces from the show, told the same production that the episodes to be aired on NTV will come out after rebranding and an injection of freshness.

“I can assure the fans that it will now be more exciting,” said the comedian.

On social media, fans are already excited at that possibility, as evidenced by the responses to this post:

We can’t wait for its NTV debut!


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