Aziza on Apr 3: Tough times for Chiku, Mosi and Alpha as they try to keep a secret

This is a review of the Aziza show that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7 o’clock news. This review pertains to the April 3, 2019 episode.

Mosi and Chiku this week are in a fix as the twist gets a bit tighter than before. Chiku goes to confront Mosi about Rashid knowing about their “little secret” and how they are going to fix it. Mosi at some point even slaps Chiku.

Mosi goes to confront Rashid about him going to Alpha about their secret.

Rashid is not going down without a fight. He wants dowry paid to him because, well, Lisa let the cat out of the bag and that makes things complicated for Mosi and Chiku. Now he wants money or he is going to let the ship sink with everyone in it.

Malkia Fay wants to make her house orderly and to do this she calls for a house meeting where she tries to put everyone in check. She talks about unwanted visitors and discipline in her house.

Ironically, her meeting lacks discipline when Rashid and Mosi start arguing about her leaving the house. She shuts both of them up by telling them to fall in line or leave.

Chiku tries to throw Rashid outside her home but then Rashid is stubborn. He refuses to leave, saying he will not live in poverty while her child is living lavishly.

Chiku gets mad and starts emotionally blackmailing him and telling him he is less of a father and how he wishes that Chacha, her step-father, was alive. But still Rashid is unshaken and refuses to leave.

Mosi is unwilling to help Chiku. She tries to show that they will be both doomed and they need to settle with Rashid. Mosi tells her that she will not give any money to sort that out.

Chiku goes to Alpha for them to sort out that issue and she opens up. But soon, Lisa walks in. She starts making fun of the two and then gets to the point. She wants an iPad or she will out the “secret”.  

Things are really going to be tough for Chiku, Mosi and Alpha as they try to keep the secret from the rest of the family from those who don’t know.

My rating

I think the show is zeroing in and the directors are trying to make the show better by improving the characters. However, it is coming at the expense of other actors. This week, Bella and her family were not in the show. On the other hand, if the characters are strengthened then we have a watertight story like we did this week. I give this week’s show a rating of 9.5/10.


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