April 10: Aziza is fired; and what is Camilla planning really?

This is a review of the Aziza series that runs on Citizen TV every Wednesday after the 7pm news. This review pertains the April 10, 2019 episode.

It’s official: Aziza has been fired from her job. We all saw this coming, though. She has been playing with her job. She hasn’t been to work in a while and, well, Malkia Fay has decided that enough is enough and has fired her.

Well, she did not fire her directly. She made Zane fire her. This gives us closure because, oh well, we were all waiting for this to happen so that they can introduce a new twist to the story. I mean, it’s about time. It makes things a bit hard for Zane because he has to fire the love of her life and he opts to do it in a writing.

Bobo, on the other hand, is going out hard to make sure that Aziza is back in the studio. He has to pay Sh20,000 to get studio time and get the song. He tries to think of ways he can get the money and he opts to take a loan from Bella’s sister Camilla who makes him sign a contract which I suspect is very fishy but those are just my suspicions. Anyway, he gets Sh10,000 and with that he has a start to his work of making Aziza a singing star.

Alpha is deeply into Camilla and is thinking of moving in with her. When he talks to his mum Malkia Fay about moving out of his house, she does not want him to leave. She goes ahead to tell him to stay put and she’ll sort out the problem at home and that they are going to work things out in the long run. She does not know that her son is planning some other funny things in the background.

Meanwhile, some friction between Camilla and Zane is brewing after he found her reading Aziza’s termination letter and warned her about not reading company privileged information. She apologises but then Zane continues scolding her making her leave in a hurry.

My rating

This week’s episode was shorter than usual with a lot of commercial breaks but it still was a good episode. I give it a rating of 9/10. It was pretty emotional and it portrayed a lot good acting by some characters and did not focus too much on Chiku’s secret as has been the case the last few weeks. And no change in story line. However, I feel like the Choka angle (Bella and Camilla’s father) is being left out in this story.


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