MEDIA WATCH: Why does every TV station want to bring a ‘hot’ show at 7.30pm on Wednesday?

The Real Househelps of Kawangware is set to return this Wednesday. The show that had been cancelled by KTN late last year will be returning to NTV at 7.30pm on Wednesday, effectively dethroning The Trap House from that spot.

Though we all knew that the show would return to NTV, it throws a spanner in the works for other shows.

The battle for 7.30pm begins

Wednesdays have proven very important days for TV stations in Kenya. Right now, three of the biggest shows in the country are competing for more viewership. Aziza, which premiered on Citizen TV last year, runs on Wednesdays and seems to be giving others shows a run for their money. That saw KTN Home’s My Two Wives also being brought to the Wednesday slot. Now we have The Real Househelps of Kawangware.

NTV seems to want a piece of that Wednesday cake with The Trap House not quite cutting it. The campus-centred show does not seem to have been given another slot on NTV, which calls into question on whether it has been retained or if it has been cancelled on its second season.

Here is how the “big shows” compare

The Real Househelps of Kawangware has been running longer than My Two Wives and Aziza combined. It is a show that offers comedy, wit and drama at the same time basing its story line on house helps who are not only funny but are constantly in conflict situations.

The show has managed to relate to all audiences and has had a huge fan base making it win the Kalasha Best Comedy show of 2018 even after the show had been cancelled.

Aziza, on the other hand, has managed to draw people in with its soap opera style of drama, intrigue and suspense, making it very interesting for all to watch and for us to give it constant good ratings.

The show follows the life of Aziza, a woman who wants to pursue a career in the music industry but is being plagued by many issues with her work and family.  

My Two Wives presents a slightly different avenue. The show has been able to make a name for itself within a year that it has been running and its actors winning 2018’s Kalasha best actor and actress in a TV series(won by Eddy Peter who plays Zach and Diana Mulwa who plays Toni respectively).

The show revolves around Zach and his Two wives Toni and Dama. It offers drama and comedy with its hilarious stories intertwined in Zach’s problems and the foibles of other characters.

The three shows offer a wide range of content which is equally good. The shows will, however, have to compete for viewer’s attention. The entertainment is going to be topnotch; but who will eventually win the people’s hearts? Only time will tell.


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