Amid stinging criticism, the co-creator of ‘Social-ites’ show on KTN explains a few things

Wednesdays are getting more and more interesting especially on TV. With the introduction of Social-ites, a drama series on KTN, things have got even more entertaining.

We got to talk to Grace Kahaki — one of the creators and producers of the show — about the process.

According to her, the show Socialites is a double-entendre: Socialites and Social-lies. It was about infusing traditional “over-glorified” socialites and those that are not yet on social media but worth living that lifestyle; but who are not yet trend-worthy.

This is depicted in the shows characters Nancy, Cici and Tina and others. When we asked her about her choice of bold women characters and whether that is what she had envisioned, all she could talk about was her love for women and the experiences they go through — be it racism, colourism and sexism — and they still continue to thrive.

She added that she will continue to support black women. She stressed that it is time women told their stories and they need to tell those stories at every chance they get.

The show which portrays the struggles of many women in the modern day forms the next question that we asked Grace about the show.

Her response was a description of how some women want to put other women down so they can rise.

She added that some girls don’t care about breaking a household or a 20-year relationship as long as they emerge tops.

She was, however, quick to add that this is not representation of women.

The next question was about Nancie and how we treat househelps. There was also the issue of comprehensive sex education. Does she think we need to talk about these issues more?

She admitted that it is a matter that needs to be discussed. She pointed out the fact that women are being exploited “but choices are choices and you must deal with choices.”

She points out that one needs to look at oneself in the mirror and know that you didn’t hurt or destroy anyone to get to your position; and that what is yours will be yours.

Then we got to the criticism being mounted about the show. A lot of people have been faulting the show’s creative process. Some argue that it is a spin off of most reality shows.

She accepted the criticism but went ahead to point out that it is a scripted drama series and not a reality  show. She pointed out that people are slowly understanding the concept of the show as more episodes run.

On the creative process, she added that her writers for the show — Carol, Ben, Jazz, Jim and Phil — are really making the process fun and the sharing of experience and trust has made them the heart of the show.

We also asked her about who she felt has been the most interesting character to create. She picked and Cici who are complex and layered. “Show the why and tell you their story before you judge them.”

So, what should Kenyans expect in the coming episodes? Drama and fun, she answered.

The show which she created in collaboration with her partner Philippe Bresson, promises a realistic part of of the female black experience.


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