Mafundi’s April 23 episode showed some growth; here is why

The April 23, 2019 episode of Mafundi on NTV was largely based on Easter and it was only right after all Jesus was a carpenter (get it? Because one of the fundis is a carpenter). The show had a two day setting; the eve of Good Friday and Good Friday itself.

Phapha convinces Zilpha to buy a cupboard from the shop and she decides to get it after all even her boyfriend (Pato) has said it is good. She decides to get it but the cupboard is about to cause her so many sleepless nights; literally. One of the doors to the cupboard keeps on opening and shutting by itself like in those thriller movies. She calls Pato and Kigo to come and see it but they refuse to believe her and chases them out of her house. She however cannot sleeps and calls them back and they offer to keep her company.

Phapha, on the other hand gets a very unusual client; Mr Big TV who wants a cross to be crucified in on Good Friday.  He agrees but Ronado and The Tima do not know how to convince him to drop it. They tell him that carpenters are the reason Jesus died (well that together with the fact that Judas betrayed him). he even reads the bible to know how the cross was made and decides not to make a cross but instead gives him a toothpick cross and explains to him that Jesus died and he does not need to go through the pain. 

Meanwhile Zilpha, Kigo and Pato try every tactic to stop the cupboard from opening itself but it is not working. Zilpha goes first and starts chanting spells from cartoon shows and children books but that does not work. When Kigo steps in he starts talking to it slowly and tries convincing the cupboard to calm down and take the money calm down. They look at it for long and it stops making Kigo the hero of the show for the first time.

My rating

The story is definitely growing and is not revolving on Kigo always doing bad things that require others to save him again. I also like the fact the producers worked on a different angle and are building characters interpersonal relationships from Phapha getting to know more about the Bible to Zilpha’s and Pato’s dating. The directors have been able to make the show look like more relatable and less mechanical as opposed to the way it was before. I give the show a rating of 9/10. 


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