Chiku and Mosi have a “Rashid” problem in 24 April Aziza

Aziza seems to have trouble follow her every single time and everywhere she goes. Bobo was trying to get a recording label to back Aziza but then Binti stepped in and messed everything. She came in and sang and when Bobo came in with the money the producer kicked him out because Binti introduced herself as his girlfriend. This means Aziza is back to square one and that means she has to get another record label and bear in mind she has been fired.

Rashid on the other hand is proving to be more and more of a liability to Mosi and Chiku’s plan. Even after being given money and him agreeing to leave he has not left. He and Mosi argue like a couple that does not want to let each other go. Well Mosi still does not want to let this be known but she keeps on smiling when Rashid gets him a packet of her favourite cigarettes and perfume. Rashid is going to a lot of lengths here to make sure that he has Mosi and this can be problems for both Chiku and Mosi because he knows their secret and he can let it out anyway.

 Bella is going through more and more pain because of Camilla. She (Camilla) has now locked her up in her own house after medicating her on hallucinogens. When her mother comes to check up on her and make sure that she is okay she tries to let herself out of the house. Camilla and her mother have to tie her up and Camilla warns her mother not to let her out. You have to love Camilla’s deviousness she has managed to make her sister is mad and her mother has now also jumped the bandwagon. However she seems to be falling for Alpha even though she does not show it is obvious that the two have some chemistry and she keeps on conceding more ground to Alpha more and more.

Lisa on the other hand is on track on getting her I Pad. She has made things so tough for Alpha that she is now avoiding her. This is just one of the best things about this show. They have managed to make Lisa a strong and bold woman character who can make your life a living hell even if you are a child.  

My rating

I like the shows creation of strong characters and it has managed to make it one of its selling points. However the show seems to be running out of ways to introduce characters like Choka who we already know is alive and his lawyer and seems to have kicked out the possibility of Bobo and Binti ever dating.


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