The premier of episode of Real Househelps of Kawangware was a bit of a drag

Real Househelps of Kawangware kicked off tonight and so far so interesting or not. The show gave me a bit of mixed feelings about it. I did not know whether I liked the premier episode approach that was just major spin on the fact that they are back and them telling us where they were last couple of months. However here are a few things that stood out from the show that we tried to document:

Awiti, Crotus, Onyi, Shiti, Mobeabea seemed like the big winners of the premier episode

The show gave a lot of clout to these 4 characters. Awiti kicked off the show with a strong start and managed to tell where she had been and well you know Awiti she cannot resist a little bit of gossip. Jane Rose is being beaten by her new boss. Well it’s hard to believe but you know rumors and a black eye can say a lot.

Crotus managed to tell his own story. Well not all of it but most of it. See here is where Mobeabea a relatively new character actually came in. He is Nkirote’s well other husband/ cousin or something of the sort. Crotus could not wrap around how he ate too much and how he ruined his toilet in the process but I’d say they go together anyway. He also ruins Crotus’ chance of marrying Nkirote who is just about to get married to him but runs away when she cannot take the pressure.

Meanwhile Shiti started his own business. Well not really a business he is con artist a bad one for that matter. Here is where he meets with Mobeabea and well he too like in Crotus’ case gets his life turned upside down by him. Shiti runs a bunch of people who pretend to be disabled for a small cut at the end of the month. Thing is Mobeabea messes when he starts speaking in front of Detective and he is supposed to be deaf and dumb. This leads to Shiti losing a ton of money and his business.    

Onyi on the other hand has not changed he is still the crook he was always. Sherry his girlfriend has not left him and they are trying to make it big. This means they have to make some shady deals to survive and well occasionally steal and sell jewellery. I like how Sherry has evolved from a sophisticated city girl to a hustler in the streets.

My Rating

Mobeabea is an underdog waiting to happen. This is one of the things I have to say about the return of Real Househelps of Kawangware. He seems to possess a certain charm that makes you want to watch the show again but with his parts on high volume. However the show seemed just the same old thing viewers were used to and no drastic change is seen in this season’s premier which makes me give the premier a rating of 8.5/10. It deserves more input from guys.


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