Outrageous things Ringtone said on April 26’s ‘Wicked Edition’

Ringtone came on the Wicked Edition on Friday night and said a lot of things. In the explosive interview on the gospel music industry and his love for Zari Hassan he did not leave any stone unturned in his hate albeit correction for Willy Paul. We put together some of the things he said and some of the things we think about them.

He was not explicit in saying he wanted to marry Zari

Dr King’ori started the interview with questions on Zari. He was quick to point out that he did not say that he did not want to marry Zari and said that he only said that he wanted Zari to know that Jesus loves her and that he cannot play her. Now though we could not verify this post as we could not find it we all remember that he bought a Range Rover for Zari and for close to a year kept us entertained with theatrics about marrying Zari and why he loved her. It is obvious he was being a bit economical with the truth.

Willy Paul is a secular artist and wait… a con artist too

He (Ringtone) came to the show to talk about gospel music and he did not disappoint. He was quick to point out that instead of letting his friends play Diamond and Wasafi label artist’s they should just play Willy Paul Music. He went out to call him a secular artist. Willy Paul has however continued to maintain that he is a gospel artist though some of his songs have proven to be quite contentious as to whether they are actually gospel music.

This notion that he is a secular artist led Ringtone to say that he is con artist and that he is conning the faithful. This was capped with a statement “Willy Paul anaeza kuombea uokoke wewe” largely alluding to the fact that Ringtone is not impressed with Willy Paul’s brand of Christian gospel music and he does not believe Willy Paul cannot pray for someone’s salvation.

My opinion- Ringtone might be starting a war to reclaim his lost glory as a largely famous gospel artist

  Toward the end of the interview he gave a story of how DJs and other gatekeepers in the music industry kept Ringtone and other artists who were established to step aside and let Willy Paul and Bahati now reign for their style that was almost bongo like. In my opinion it is obvious that he did not like that and well he might be coming after Willy Paul and Ringtone not for “values” as such but because he took the spotlight from him.


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