The Tima’s sweet and sour date and Kigo becomes a “therapist” in April 29 Mafundi

This weeks Mafundi Teaser

The Tima has a date this week with Tatiana (guest starring Sharon Mwangi). The two are going on a date but it seems The Tima is trying to shed off his play boy act and take a new character. He goes to a restaurant to be served and the waiter is a pain in the ass. He is constantly asking The Tima to order and one time when he asks him to order The Tima asks him to serve him a bit of “patience and a side of courtesy”

Meanwhile; Tatiana (The Tima’s date) is busy showing her aunt how to shop and where to get more shoes. Her aunt does a lot of shopping when she’s sad (retail therapy). Tatiana realizes the shoes are becoming too many and she needs shoe racks and gets Kigo and Phapha to come and make a shoe rack. Kigo and Phapha however are confused by the retail therapy term making Kigo do some therapy session.(I know this guy does everything).

The Tima has to cancel lunch with Tatiana to go on check on what Phapha is doing when he realizes that Tatiana is asking for so many things at a time. They go back to the shop and find Phapha confused on what to make. Tatiana gets mad when she realizes what Kigo is doing at her house with her aunt and almost goes home. The Tima tries his best and tries to sooth her and offers to buy her shoes. She agrees and they go and leave Phapha making the shoe rack. Phapha however pulls The Tima aside first and warns him about getting involved with social media girls and get a wife from the country side.

Kigo on the other hand is doing well as a therapist and plays the part well. Anyway he listens, does role playing with her. At some point he even helps Tatiana to throw some balls at her annoying friend’s cat’s picture. They seem to be having fun when Phapha comes back with a shoe rack and this makes her happy she even calls Tatiana to buy her more shoes and The Tima pays for his bills though in a tough manner (he gave up his shoes) but they end up going to get one pair for him also.

My rating

The show was largely good and witty. Adding Tatiana (Sharon Mwangi) to this week’s episode proved worth wile. However the show’s regulars also did not disappoint. The show is building up slowly in its story telling and it interesting they are moving out of just helping clients but building the shows characters to have social lives in the process. I give this week’s show a rating of 8.5/10.


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