Could Mosi be in love; why is Chiku so angry?

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Asanteni sana watazamaji wetu…

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Mosi seems to be warming up to Rashid by the day. She is in denial; obviously I mean who can blame a person who is in love. She however is the only one who seems not to agree with it and knowing Mosi she can be planning anything. This week she is going all out for her ex husband make up, nice clothes I mean it is just a package deal. Chiku has realized this and she is trying to show her mother that she is lying to herself by saying she is not in love with Rashid.

Chiku’s anger and despair is continuing to show. She is just moody every single time, who could blame her though? Zane is acting up; again and Alpha the love of her life is now seeing Camilla. Her mother is spending less time with her. Her anger in this episode is shown in three places. She shouts at her mother for not being there to listen to her and always spending her time with Rashid. During dinner she subtly points out how Zane is not spending time with her anymore and then she shouts at her mother again when she is making dinner.

Camilla is going down a rabbit hole with her plan. Her plan seems to have been placed in hindsight this week. Her relationship with Alpha was at play this week. Here is why I think this two are different and Camilla is going down a rabbit hole. She seems to be in love with Alpha for real now, she is letting her guard a bit down by deciding to meet the whole family at once and they might ask about her past. She has to play this dinner cool or she will ruin her plans even before she has kicked them off.

Aziza’s life is still in shatters (I should count the times I’ve said this and write about it). She has been on a downward spiral and is trying to get out of her funk. She hosts Dizo and floats the idea of singing Karoke. Dizo refuses it and tells her they should sing in the streets and get money to record a song. she does not seem to agree with this idea but only time will tell. The show’s writers seem to be gravitating towards us going to where the show started with her singing Karoke.

My rating

The show deserves a rating of 8.5/10 it was shorter than other usual episodes but it still brought the heat. I like the way the show is switching it up and playing characters here and there. However Dizo can be used more as Aziza’s key to get her out of her funk he is now a better musician and can get a recording contract. Bella is also being underutilized she can be used to make the show more interesting with her new “crazy” persona in the mix.


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