May 1’s TRHK was built on Nkirote running away. It’s a good and a bad thing.

Remember how last week I said I was not so happy with the premier episode of The Real Househelps of Kawangware last week. I think this week’s episode kicked it off a notch higher. The whole show this week was built on the fact Nkirote ran off during her own wedding. She is nowhere to be seen and everyone is trying to move on.

Shipira for one is trying to get Crotus to notice her and cuff her. She makes him breakfast and takes it to him. He finds him mopping over the fact that Nkirote is gone and ran off during his wedding. She (Shipira) tries to make things all good by trying to cheer her up with some stories but things are not going well. To make things worse Mwobobia comes in trying to find out what happened to his “wife”. The two get into a tussle about what happened during the wedding. The fight is too comical Mwobobia threatens Crotus with beating him up making him his best man in his and Nkirote’s wedding and making him pay for it. he (Mwobobia) then gets quiet again and begs Crotus to calm down so that they can look for her and talk about the fact that they were both played.

Where is Nkirote you may ask? Oh well I must give you context. See she ran away from their wedding venue and did not leave a note. She is spotted at some different place (undisclosed) location. She runs into a pastor who offers to help her. The pastor gives her a place to sleep and stay for a while. The writers of the show seem to be playing themselves into the predictability of Kenyan comedy shows. The characters rarely experience any changes in the way they grow both socially and economically. This makes them rotate round in circles.

The whole show was not just built around the whole Nkirote drama. Shiti has been arrested and probed for fraud. He seems to be good at defending himself but his smart mouth gets him into more trouble than he should be. This week he called the Detective a thief and this gets him to lose all his money.

My rating

I think this week’s show was just interesting than last weeks. I give it a rating of 9/10 for the drama they had. However the show seems to be rotating on Crotus and Nkirotes relationship too much but no growth is seen in this relationship and it seems to be going back to square one every damn time which makes it a bit boring to watch the two. Waiting to see what will happen.


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