Biko’s life or Nelson’s rage? Which side will Selina pick?


This is a review of  episode six to 10 of Selina, the telenovela that runs on Maisha Magic East at 8.30pm every weekday. We go through the twists and turns of the story Selina, specifically the fact that the main character is in a tight spot.

In as much as Zoe is portrayed as bitchy and a woman who always has her nose deep in Selina’s business. She definitely is really smart (to a huge extent, if I should be more specific) and this in reality overshadows some things, Like how she already has information on Selina’s attack as she was trying to get to her father’s home but what she won’t do is blurt it out to Patricia and act like she knows a lot. Like the smart woman she is she filters her information (half truths are not exactly that bad, classic way of saving ones ass) and Zoe’s ass remains just fine, for the moment.

Selina is now getting threats, a warning letter to be on point, Logically the one person who would be thought as the major mastermind of the whole thing is Biko. In all honesty it almost feels like Biko does not have Selina’s best interests at heart, but then again what are the odds of: 1)Someone who is really sick 2) Has been admitted in hospital 3) Has lost his memory  4) Has tight police security always hanging out at his hospital ward …..go out of his way to start threatening Selina, mind you a woman he actually cares about, a lot. Well two things, my heart bleeds for poor Biko and Nelson’s anger is reasonable and at the same time completely outrageous. Confronting Biko is the last thing he should be doing but still he does it.

This puts Selina in a position of having to make phone calls to Myra so as to prevent Nelson from getting into Biko’s hospital room.

Myra sends off an interesting vibe, she clearly is very beautiful and she definitely can just leave Biko’s life and continue with hers (beauty gives you a lot of options, you’ll be surprised) but there’s this glue that has her still stuck on him. So strong is the glue that she decides to help Biko escape from hospital. All things considered Biko had gone through enough crap from Nelson and his escape I feel was inevitable. Lets look at it as something that would have happened in the long run.

Unfortunately due to this escape , Biko has lost Nelson’s trust, if he had any remaining. He feels he is scared, Biko is scared because he is lying to everyone, not ready to man up to his actions and the truth is almost coming to surface.

And how is scared Biko?

Our scared Biko is in a shanty looking house, in very bad condition by the way, having no access to drugs because the police had notified all pharmacies in the area about Biko’s specific prescription and in case he tries to access it. Myra has to think fast, think of something else if she has any plans of ever saving Biko’s life and keeping him alive.

I find Pamela so much of a funny character as she is a stupid one (pity) Her stupidity does humour me to some extent, especially her fire to stay under her mother’s shadow…..

Pamela wants so much to be like her sister Selina and for a while it almost felt like the only thing standing between her and her dreams was her mother. (almost felt). Though currently this doesn’t feel like the case, I mean she is clearly a reflection of her mother, Kristina, a reflection that’s only younger slightly stupid and naive but still she is Kristina’s reflection.

And Kristina needs her reflection back home, she has big plans for her, plans which might involve selling her off to an old rich man….. But hey a mother needs to do anything for her children, doesn’t she?

Meanwhile Myra is hell bent on tarnishing Selina’s name and getting her into deeper issues…..  (not willingly of course, her hands are kinda tied)

Myra’s plan of saving Biko involves using Selina (shocker) but still really wise. Use the one girl who has a heart full of gold to save another’s which is not so full of gold….. Still works.

In a turn of events

Selina gets another warning letter (the police come up for interrogation of everyone in the McKenzie home )

Passionately, Selina still defends Biko and not only Nelson but also her friend Rebecca get shook at her firm belief in Biko. It was some what unexpected and Rebecca feels Selina is hiding something huge.

How are Biko’s memories coming along?

Biko’s memories are coming along really good, matter of fact so good that he suddenly remembers everything despite his bad condition. Regardless he does not tell Myra, some things are better kept hidden I mean considering his current state which Selina pushes towards bettering and by doing this she gets herself in trouble.

Note: The police manage to get notified on the prescription Selina bought and they would really love to interrogate her.

Note: Selina proves she would do anything for Biko even if it involves going against the law.

Note: Ami’s and Jackie’s love might still be ablaze (wink). Their phone conversations and Ami proclaiming his love, was successful and it really worked towards fanning their then dying love.

That’s a wrap from Selina (at least for this week) as usual you know the drill for more of this telenovela drama, catch the show on Maisha Magic East on DSTV channel 158 and on GOTV channel 4!


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