May 6: The Tima and Sue’s “friendship” makes good TV; here’s why

The Tima and Sue’s relationship as “besties” is being tried. It is interesting how the writers of the show are toying with the idea of making Sue and The Tima to know if they are going to fall in love or will they? This relationship needs a whole explainer, (which we will try and do one of these days). They are slowly evolving and they seem to be tighter and tighter as the days go by.

However you remember the suspense part, let’s go back there. This week Sue met someone (well of course she meets people she’s hot but she rarely dates anyway). Anyway this guy is Tony he owns Empire electronics; a large electronics firm and he just needs to subcontract some work. At first she does not seem interested but when she sees a receipt totaling to 4.6 million he is interested in knowing him because you know Sue does not date broke guys. They have the normal get to know you chit chat and then boom they exchange numbers.

She calls The Tima quickly and when he gets there they device a plan. Sue does not really want to date Tony; she wants his business to come to Mafundi. So she makes The Tima take the role of the big brother who has to “consent” her choice of men she has to date. They go through the plan almost twice to make sure that it is full proof. At the date The Tima acts all protective and caring about Sue at first and it is not in a brotherly way.

Phapha on the other hand is helping Mr. Big TV’s mother to settle into the city for the next couple of days. She is a really tough woman who does not really know a lot about the city. Phapha does all the best to help Mr Big TV and his mom however he does it a fee and charges per the hour (typical Phapha behaviour) it throws his relationship with Mr Big TV into the cold. At night he throws him out and when his mother asks why in the morning he shows him pictures of Phapha doing something (we don’t know what really).

Meanwhile Phapha fixes Tony’s phone (he dropped it so doesn’t count). Anyway they have a good time after some tension and Phapha leaves before the date ends. This leaves Sue all alone listening to Tony talking to her all the time. She comes the next day furious at The Tima and she almost beats him to a pulp.

My rating

Its obvious The Tima really loves Sue remember the time he kissed Sue (well almost). He is dating Tatiana now but still his feelings for Sue are evident. He is a lady’s man and that makes it hard to know whether this feelings are true but we are waiting with bated breath to see how this goes. This week’s show  gets a rating of 8/10 it was fun and entertaining.   The Tima and Sue would make a good comedy couple.


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