Selina has tea to spill . . . A lot of tea as a matter of fact!


A conflict within the self is it? Well, Selina, the telenovela that runs on Maisha Magic East at 8.30pm every weekday, is experiencing a lot of self-conflict. This is a review of episode 11 through 15, where we look at how the main character deals with this conflict.

“Uhusiano husimama kwa msingi wa uaminifu.”  Not my thoughts rather Selina’s thoughts, and viewing it deeply from her point of view it does make a lot of sense.


Being in a relationship, automatically means the level of openness and faithfulness need to carry a lot of weight when it comes to the two of you as partners. Translation: It’s more of an unspoken rule that partners need to trust each other and push for openness regardless of whatever the situation.

And despite knowing this,

Selina and Nelson have not been following this rule, a struggle of trust between the two I’d say, scenario one : Selina not sharing her long tale of being all Mother Teresa on Biko and Myra and saving Biko’s life, Putting her freedom in jeopardy, matter of fact so much in jeopardy that the police have to interrogate her so that they can understand why she bought the same exact prescription as Biko’s. Scenario two: Nelson doubting Selina and almost not trusting her when the police decided to interrogate her.

Which really speaks volumes of the fact that they need to deal with their level of trust towards each other, maybe have a sit down and share the secrets they’ve been hiding, More so Selina, she has a lot of spilling to do.. …And being hit by this realization much later she decides to do the spilling, but then a loud scream is heard from Babu interrupting her then confession to Nelson . (bummer)

Turns out someone had sneaked into the McKenzie home and Babu had managed to see the person, (dressed in a grey hoodie) well according to Babu’s drawing at least, the McKenzie family have to wonder if any of them know the person. This twist adds to Selina’s pile of secrets, she does know a person with the same exact hoodie, a person with similar comparison . But can she spill this information? Her hands are sort of tied, this bothers her and pushes her to the edge.

So much that she decides to right some wrongs.

I say this with a lot of love but this was serious bullshit coming from her.

I mean don’t get me wrong I have been pushing for Selina’s nice side and kind heart most of the times, she clearly is one of the most reasonable people and if there was an award for kindness, she would win hands down but maybe some wrongs are better left as they are. Especially if righting this wrongs involves calling the police on the two people you’ve been protecting for a while, going to the extent of snitching their hideout.

Two things I’ve realized:

Anger is not a good colour on Selina

Some wrongs are better left untouched, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Ironically the one person who was passionately protecting Biko and Myra ends up snitching their asses to the police and getting them locked up.  Funny much?

Zoe has a secret lover(mmmmmmh)…..

Zoe’s secret lover,Shoks,is smitten, So smitten is he, that he’s already planning a wedding. Con: The man is extremely violent  and by God, Zoe is damned if Shoks ever finds out that she is Reagan’s wife. He might as well come to the McKenzie home and set her on fire.

Meanwhile Nelson is in a really good mood, a forgiving mood….

Nelson telling Patricia that he is willing to forgive Biko and drop all his charges towards him, at first was unexpected and maybe a lot of it would have been put on Selina. Apparently they look at her as a huge influencer when it comes to Nelson decisions, they are not entirely off base. Though this time round, this was solely Nelson and he really wanted Biko and Myra’s release.

And so Biko earned his freedom, no reconsideration from Nelson or Selina, just simple earned freedom.

This part of Selina feels like the official kick off of a whole lot set of drama, specifically in the McKenzie home! And yes the anticipation is still very much there!


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