Media Watch: The Wicked Edition’s change of tact is being felt in increased social media responses

For a show that has been on air for close to three years, The Wicked Edition has slowly risen to cement a place for itself on Kenyan TV. However the last couple of weeks they have been able to trend more than twice in the last two months and it has generally created a lot of discussion online.

Few weeks ago we talked about his interview with Ringtone and how it caused a lot of discussion about the gospel industry. However it was not his first attempt to discuss the gospel music industry he has had this discussion twice with Pastor Kuria and in 2016 with Ben Githae. The discussion has gradually grown from that of dealing with generalization and dealing with people one on one has helped the show.

A few weeks later he came back with a show on relationships and money something he has also discussed on the show before. Dr King’ori for the second time was trending on Twitter and coming at number 2 on the trending list in Kenya. This show he hosted radio host Kamene Goro and comedian Bernard Odiero who provided both a lot of comic and emotional fulfillment on the show. of course Dr. King’ori has learnt the art of making conversation over time and he managed to make this one very good and entertained.

Now it is obvious the show deals largely deals with different issues. However it revolves mostly around the “sexy media topics” relationships, politics, music and religion. This makes the show oddly cliché however the show also tries to go in depth. You have to give it to Dr King’ori he does a lot of research on the show and he tries as much to add as many jokes as he can(although some flop and are still put on the show).

Generally the show has managed to harness some sot of energy to keep it trending for a while. The show was given a good slot of Friday 7:30 which seems to be working out well for it opposed to the Monday and Tuesday period of 7:30 and 8:00 pm period. This explains they have had time to study the audience better and now know what to do with the young audience which stays at home on Friday and get them to listen and find the energy to tweet about it in the long run.


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